Friday, February 17, 2006

Os políticos nunca são pobres

Foreign aid funds corruption new study reveals [PDF]

"A new report released today, Make Poverty History: Tackle Corruption examines the correlation between foreign aid and corruption in developing countries. After analysing data from 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index, economist and emeritus Professor Wolfgang Kasper reveals,

'A major cause for the rising tide of graft is foreign aid. Aid rarely reaches the poor and is rarely cost-effective. Despite assertions by well-paid foreign-aid lobbyists, unconditional foreign aid has failed. Thus, huge aid flows to Africa have only rewarded incompetent despots and kleptocratic elites, whereas absolute poverty has plummeted in India and China, countries which have received comparatively little foreign aid. In countries which derive over half their national budget from foreign aid transfers -- as is now the case in many African and South Pacific countries -- genuine democracy has no chance.'

Kasper continues, ‘My analysis shows that entrenched corruption occurs in countries with poorly protected private property rights, over-regulated markets, and a poor rule of law."

(via 25 centímetros de neve)
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