Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Talvez o Actimel não chegue

No Financial Times:

«An opinion poll, published by Le Figaro newspaper on Saturday, showed that 50 per cent of French people did not have faith in the market economy - compared with 20 per cent in communist China. One of history's eternal questions resounds around Paris once again: can France reform itself without revolution?»

(via Johan Norberg)

Um artigo do Brussels Journal já assim rezava há dias:

«Today, leftist students in France continued their demonstrations against France’s new labor law. They do not want any “Anglo-Saxon” conditions.»

Total (%) unemployment in France for those 25 and under

Só por curiosidade (não vá alguém pensar que possa existir uma relação directa entre estes factores), as classificações dos países referidos na categoria Labor market regulations [1] do último relatório do canadiano Fraser Institute (Economic Freedom of the World) são as seguintes:
  • EUA (10º)
  • Reino Unido (19º)
  • França (58º)

[1] Labor market regulations:

i) Impact of minimum wage—the minimum wage, set by law, has little impact on wages because it is too low or not obeyed

ii) Hiring and firing practices—hiring and firing practices of companies are determined by private contract

iii) Share of labor force whose wages are set by centralized collective bargaining

iv) Unemployment benefits—the unemployment benefits system preserves the incentive to work

v) Use of conscripts to obtain military personnel
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