Saturday, May 13, 2006

Land of the free

The American Revolution and Classical Liberalism

«The libertarian creed, writes Murray Rothbard, emerged from the "classical liberal" movements of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Western world, specifically, from the English Revolution of the seventeenth century. This radical libertarian movement, even though only partially successful in its birthplace, Great Britain, was still able to usher in the Industrial Revolution there by freeing industry and production from the strangling restrictions of State control and urban government-supported guilds. For the classical liberal movement was, throughout the Western world, a mighty libertarian "revolution" against what we might call the Old Order»

The Rocky Road of American Taxation

«No modern revolution was deeper rooted in taxation than the revolt of the Thirteen Colonies in British North America, writes Charles Adams. British taxation not only caused the revolution, but perhaps most important, it acted as a unifying force in the colonies. The Stamp Act Congress, as it was called, was the real birthplace of the United States.»
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