Saturday, September 09, 2006

Branco mais branco não há

«Not all older people feel like Mr Chen. For some, worried about the inequalities that China's capitalist revolution is now producing, Mao represents a time when China was a more equal country. And for many in the younger generation Mao has almost mythical status. "I think Mr Chairman Mao was a great guy. To us he is not a person, he is a god," according to Mr Cai, now in his thirties, and was just a child when Mao died. Like many Chinese, he admires Mao as the founder of modern China. "He united China and helped the poor people. Maybe some people in the world will not like him, but we Chinese will always think he was a great man," he said. That is just the sort of talk China's Communist Party likes to hear. Walking around Mao's childhood home, none of his mistakes are on show.» China moves on from Mao
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