Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Marmite: Denmark says spread could be illegal
British savoury spread Marmite could be illegal in Denmark if it fails to meet safety requirements, officials say.

By law, the Danish authorities must give their approval for food fortified by vitamins or minerals before sale. Products with such additives need to be assessed for any potential dangers, the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration says.

Denmark has previously banned several popular items, including the drink Ovaltine and some breakfast cereals. A shop in Copenhagen was recently asked to remove its supplies of Marmite following a phone call from Danish authorities, the owner says.

A spokesman for the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration said: "We have no record of an application for the sale of the product, so we have neither forbidden or accepted it." The procedural checks needed before a final decision is reached could take up to six months.
Tudo o que não seja previamente aprovado pelas autoridades dinamarquesas é, na prática, ilegal e impossível de ser comercializado porque pode ser inseguro e perigoso. Quem é que terá aprovado as autoridades dinamarquesas?

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