Saturday, August 11, 2012

As if there were any doubts

Let X be a politician who has fallen out of favour with the members of his own party. He had previously been a minister of a relatively minor department, but he was eventually removed from his office after a cabinet re-shuffle. X is an aging politician, however, and he is suddenly appointed as the third most important figure in the nation's regime. The country is in political turmoil and everyone believes the current government won't remain in office for much longer.

What will this fine specimen of the ruling elite, bred for the single purpose of improving the lives of his fellow men, do with what is perhaps his last change to make a real, everlasting difference? The results are unexpectedly surprising:
Vyron Polydoras, who held the position of speaker for just a single-day during the hung parliament of May 2012, rushed to hire his daughter - Margarita - as an employee of his office. Not only did he hire her on his one and only day in office, despite defending himself by stating he was entitled to hire up to six staff, but he also managed (all in this one day remember) to approve a two million euro 'election bonus' for his staff and police.
And then, maybe not.